Feeding Troops and First Responders during the Holidays.

What We Do

Thanks to the men and women that proudly stand to defend our nation, we enjoy the freedom to happily celebrate our holidays with plenty of food and security. Our goal is to provide meals for those service-members and and First Responders that make it possible.

Delivering Meals

During holidays when service-members and first responders are required to man their stations, they don’t get to celebrate like we do. A warm meal to lift their spirits is the least we can do to remind them they’re in our thoughts.

Hosting Meals

Even when those that serve are home for the holidays, unfortunately getting a big dinner together isn’t always possible. O:HC also hosts dinners for service-members and their families.

Volunteer Efforts

Every year we try to reach more and more people and spread the cheer! Doing so is only possible through the efforts and kindness of people willing to chip in and make a difference.

Meals served by Operation Holiday since 2019 by holiday.
Year Thanksgiving Christmas Total
2019 185 110 295
2020 240 379 619
2021 348 376 724
2022 596 490 1086
2724 Meals and counting.

Who We Are

One of the sacrifices that comes with their duty is the need for their stations to be manned at all times- even during holidays. Our goal is to ensure that these committed individuals are not only recognized for their tremendous efforts, but also get to enjoy those times of celebration with a warm meal.

We coordinate efforts to reach as many on-duty military and first responder personnel with delivered meals so they know they are remembered and appreciated. On top of that, we host gatherings over the holidays for service members and their families to come together and celebrate with provided food as well!

Coming together for the holidays is what's most important to us.
Feeding our Security Forces and maybe even their canine partners!
A classic spread to guarantee that homely feeling during the holidays.
Nothing lifts the spirits like a helping hand from those who care.
Feeding patriots and their families a sitdown holiday dinner.
First responders shouldn't worry about food during the holidays.

Interested in becoming a part of Operation: Holiday Cheer?

Take a moment to tell us about yourself so we can work together, to help everyone enjoy the holidays. If you are with the media and would like more information about O:HC, please contact our media liaison at mediaoutreach@operationholidaycheer.com

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